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Data Analytics

Collecting data and reporting on it is not difficult. Collecting quality data and generating consistent and actionable business intelligence across an organization is a different story. Empowered with “good data”, powerful business intelligence tools and the ability to leverage those tools an organization can transform its ability to make impactful decisions, confidently report to its constituents and achieve its mission.

Data is often difficult to discover, access and understand, but data can drive better decisions, improve business operations and unlock insights not accessible today.  At Agiliko we believe that it all starts with a shared understanding of an organization’s data, a strategy to manage the data, and standard processes to produce consistent data. Information and application architectures must be established to provide the foundation upon which systems can be integrated and scalable, new data platforms can be built. Industry standard best practices have matured significantly over the last few years and we believe they should be appropriated leveraged by clients whether it’s DMBOK, CMMI DMM or DCAM. With business intelligence tools we help our customers transform data into otherwise unattainable insights and consistent, quality organizational information.

Data Strategy

A data strategy outlines your agency’s vision for managing data as an asset and how you will leverage data to fulfill your mission. As agency’s work to do more with less, a data-focused business strategy is an imperative. An effective data strategy aligns directly to the agency’s business strategy and operating model.

Data Governance

Over time, data typically gets silo’d within divisions, offices or teams, but to harness data’s power it must be available across agency boundaries. Effective data governance provides oversight, ensures stakeholder collaboration and facilitates cross-functional decisions for data subject areas. Agiliko brings proven methodologies and practices to establish or improve business-driven data governance capabilities that can unleash data across your agency – as appropriate with the right security considerations.

Data Quality Programs

Data-based business decisions are only as good as the data itself. An effective data quality program requires multiple layers of discipline especially at “data creation” to ensure the data itself is complete, accurate and timely. Agiliko can help you establish agency data quality programs to detect, assess and cleanse defects so your data is “fit for purpose” and trusted in business decision-making.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

The ultimate user perceived value of a data investment is getting the right information to the right person at key decision-making periods. Transforming data into actionable information requires skills and experience with Business Intelligence tools and technology, but it also requires an understanding of an agency’s business processes, context and culture. Agiliko has experience delivering custom BI solutions to clients that not only astonish users but enable transformative changes to business decision-making.

Data Technology Platform & Architecture

Realization of data investments can be enabled or constrained by the technical architecture and platform implementation. Clearly understanding the current data requirements and anticipating future needs are the first steps to architecting & building a data platform. Establishing well-crafted standards and employing a technical platform (including technologies used for data distribution, transformation, storage and integration with applications).to meet scope and performance requirements are equally important for long-term value. As we have done for our clients, Agiliko can help you select and implement a data platform which successfully integrates, archives and retains corporate data assets to support your agency’s mission.

Data Warehousing

Got an existing data warehouse or looking to build a new one from scratch? Leverage our experience designing, deploying, optimizing and operating data warehouse solutions across the technical spectrum. The unique skills required for data warehouse projects are often underestimated or confused with skills applicable to traditional application development projects. Agiliko consultants are not just expert technologists – they seasoned data implementation specialists with the scars and experience to get the job done right.