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Project, Program & Portfolio Management

Whether you need to rescue a critical project, stand up a project management office (PMO), or effectively manage an ever-increasing number of IT initiatives, Agiliko provides the requisite project, program and portfolio management capability and works as an extension of your team to deliver success.

IT transformation is the new normal. More importantly, not only are IT organizations altering their structure, but they are transforming their fundamental mission – shifting from simply providing technology support for the back office to enabling the re-engineering of business processes.  A rapidly changing business environment increases the number, size and complexity of strategic initiatives undertaken by the business.  Each of these initiatives drive an increased IT investment resulting in more projects with increased difficulty all while “keeping the lights on” for the existing IT infrastructure.

Delivering a complex IT project on schedule, within budget and in scope requires sound project management practices. However, it doesn’t ensure organizational success. IT organizations must not only produce quality deliverables, but they also need to ensure that they are optimizing stakeholder and business value. This total deliverable and value package requires capability across the project, program and portfolio management disciplines.

Project & Program Management

To deliver value to business lines and ensure quality deliverables your team needs strong program and project management capabilities. This means being able to select and coordinate the optimal mix projects at the program level and being able to implement the controls necessary to successfully execute at the project level.

Leveraging years of managing a wide variety of program and project initiatives, our team will help your organization identify the solution best suited to meet the specific challenges you are facing. Agiliko uses a combination of practical, hands-on client experience, and industry best practices (e.g., Project Management Institute and CMMI Institute) to execute with proven frameworks. We’ve also had experience employing project and program practices within innovative agile methodologies (e.g., Agile, Lean, Extreme, etc.), to software development projects but also within other management practice areas. Whether you need to stand up a project management office (PMO), rescue a critical project or successfully drive a new initiative, Agiliko provides the requisite program and project management capability and works as an extension of your team to deliver success.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management enables strategic decisions based on a balance of long-term strategies and short-term priorities, governance and available processes, tools and techniques. The purpose is to optimize investment and project selection decisions and other strategic activity required to achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.

Our portfolio optimization services include identifying opportunities for reducing cost, ensuring that projects are delivering the intended business returns, and implementing metrics for monitoring portfolio performance. From understanding organizational objectives to selecting investments to optimizing your IT portfolio, the Agiliko team is ready with the processes, tools and know-how to guide your business value creation.