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Strategic IT Advisory Services

As an IT executive you are charged with leveraging information technology to help your organization achieve its goals. This means not only sustaining your infrastructure and safeguarding your information assets, but innovating to drive value and advantage. In addition, it means harnessing your teams to operate effectively and securing the funding necessary to execute your mission.

To achieve these outcomes while being a steward of your organization’s resources, you need to be keenly focused on the intersection of the business of your enterprise and technology. Further, you need a strategic plan that aligns with your business teams, engages executive leadership in a collaborative process and shapes your organization to carry out the mission. This means not only devising the right strategy, but effectively communicating that strategy to your constituents.

Understanding the need for strategy, governance and transformation is not the challenge; successfully creating, funding and implementing a technology plan is the “big lift”.

Capital Planning & Investment Control

With greater scrutiny of Federal spending, it is critical that agencies have a sound capital planning and investment control (CPIC) practice. Whether your agency is required to meet the CPIC requirements in Clinger Cohen Act of 1996 or you’ve embraced the related OMB or Federal CIO Council practices Agiliko has the proven track-record of establishing and supporting Federal CPIC programs. Our primary guiding principle in supporting CPIC programs is to enable clients to make better IT investment decisions and more effectively manage their investments to success.

IT Performance Management

The purpose of an IT strategy is to deliver results in support of the agency’s mission, and measuring performance against objectives provides IT with a barometer of progress. The first challenge is to identify what to monitor – depending upon your objectives it could be soft and hard expenditures in capital, human resources, IT operations, process, applications, transactions or systems. The second challenge is to quantify the measure of progress and define the performance metric method. Periodic benchmarking and evaluation periods enhance accountability and ultimately performance outcomes. Agiliko has significant experience assisting clients develop and implement IT performance management to deliver both business and IT operational benefits.

Business Process Transformation

Whether your agency undertakes a business process transformation initiative to re-envision how you pursue your business objectives, or to achieve significant cost reductions, it is a major project. It has been our experience that these initiatives are best done in tight collaboration between IT and business lines. Meaningful transformations address a combination of what changes are required in business activity and how IT can efficiently support the new processes. Business line SMEs and executives need to drive the process changes, but tight collaboration with the IT teams throughout the initiative is critical to delivering impactful results.

Organizational Planning

To execute a business strategy, it is essential to assemble the right combination of organization strength, agility, and leanness and to align all resources. From people and culture to processes, technology, and structure, Agiliko provides organization and transformation tools and knowledge to produce immediate impact and lasting results. We have assisted clients prepare for small-scale initiatives and complex organizational transformations, so Agiliko is able to craft a plan custom to your organization.

Organization Change Management & Communications

At its core, a successful organizational change management effort finds executive leaders, managers and staff working in concert to break down barriers and implement the needed process, technology or organizational enhancements. And because we know that every team has different needs, we create customized change management and communication strategies for each stakeholder group. We work with clients to make certain that all stakeholders know, up front, how new processes and procedures affect each of them – and what change means for them in their day-to-day work. Internal communication is key to any organization’s success, so Agiliko works with clients to create quality communications that results in high-performing teams and high productivity.

Enterprise Architecture & IT Technology Roadmap

Every IT organization has scars from enterprise architecture projects that took too long and resulted in a document that still just sits on the bookshelf. Agiliko has a different approach: we collaborate with our clients to build a “blueprint” for enterprise architecture and pair it with a practical and actionable IT technology roadmap. Essentially, we provide a future technology state which enables a business strategy AND a multi-year plan that IT can follow to fulfill on that promise. Agiliko has successfully delivered to Federal clients a business-driven technology roadmap that maps out the processes, metrics, applications, information, integration, infrastructure and security components needed to deliver a business vision. We can do the same for you.